Diapers Evaluation

30 Oct

Deryn: Peaceably in sleep after day of wailing and feeding

A brief update on Deryn’s issues:

  • Her umbilical cord stump seems to be drying up properly since we tried using the “Cord Spirit for baby”, which I got for her yesterday, twice.
  • Her cradle cap has not gotten any better yet; but we had only used the shampoo once today, so it is a little early and overly optimistic to see any results so soon. The cradle cap however seemed to have build up in thickness on her scalp. We will be massaging some baby oil onto her scalp tomorrow an hour before her morning bath and then washing it off with the shampoo. Read that will help loosen the scales and thin them off.
  • The “Lucky Baby” plastic high chair gifted to Deryn for her baby shower from Fiona’s company, Titansoft, has finally been properly fixed up after I brought it down to the distributor in Chai Chee Lane. The high chair was initially delivered with one of the parts not properly finished; the part where a locking pin is supposed to go through was blocked. The chair issue was amicably resolved by the helpful staff at the distributor.
  • Her feeding is still very frequent and she still falls asleep while being fed. This has resulted in unusually long feeds of up to two hours. The rest of the time when she was not being fed and falling asleep midway through her feed, she was not the least inclined to sleep and has to be cuddled.

We had tried four different brands of diapers since Deryn’s birth; namely Drypers, Huggies, Nepia, and Pampers (in alphabetical order). The staff at Mount Alvernia used Huggies on her while we bought a few packs of Pampers prior to Deryn’s birth. We had to try Drypers and Nepia because the Pampers for Deryn’s size always seem to be out of stock in Carrefour and NTUC.

Anyway, the below are our observations after using these four brands (these are our personal observations and are not meant to be a comprehensive review of diapers):

  • Drypers – No complaints about the absorbency. Primary dislike the sticky tabs securing the diapers; not well-designed; have a habit of sticking to Deryn while we were changing her (we have no such issues with other brands) and they are really sticky. Secondary dislike the amount of absorbed urine indicator; not clear.
  • Huggies – Absorbency is also alright. Primary dislike the fitting of the diapers; always felt like ill-fitting and not fully secured. Secondary dislike is the same as Drypers, urine indicator is not clear. Third dislike is that Huggies is very thick as compared to other diapers.
  • Nepia – Unknown Japanese brand I tried because it was the only available diapers with Deryn’s current size. Like the sticky tabs and fitting, feels like Pampers, with softer materials, urine indicator is also similar to Pampers, with lines at the bottom of the diapers that will turn from yellow to blue when full. Main dislike, Nepia diapers could not absorb Deryn’s poop well enough; her bottom always looks wet whenever we are changing her diapers; something we do not see with other brands of diapers. This is a disappointment as Nepia is cheaper than all the other brands, diapers design is good and similar to Pampers.
  • Pampers – Our choice. We have really no complaints when using Pampers. Except that this is always sold-out at the supermarkets I go to.

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